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How to make her beg for more

It is
a known fact that the self-worth of some men is partially hinged on their ability to give their women sexual pleasure. The almighty female orgasm is the targeted goal for many men.

There are many techniques and strategies men can use in order to ensure that their partners desire them sexually for life. Just the thought of what you do to her mind and body leaves her pants moist.

Men who are interested in giving their partners sexual pleasure must create honest and open discussion with them about what turns them on and what doesn’t. This is guaranteed to produce great results, as men will know exactly what works and what they should be focusing on.

While there’s no one size fits all method for transforming yourself into the super lover, these few strategies will ensure that your partner have the best possible experience during sex.

Seduce your woman

Lay a good foundation by preparing her mind for sex. Say the right things to set the mood right even if she’s miles away. Remind her that she’s beautiful and things you can’t wait to do to her body. This puts her in the mood. Some women relish the opportunity to immerse themselves in slow, deliberate seduction, while others are blown away when their partners surprise them with sudden acts of romance and passion. In essence, men should always ensure that they keep their sexual advances romantic and unpredictable.

.Keep her waiting

Men can significantly improve the arousal and pleasure levels of their women during sex by engaging in playful foreplay, teasing and denying their partners the experience of full intercourse for sometime in order to ensure arousal levels are at their peak. Take your time to work on her sensitive parts, let your gentle touch leave her begging you to take her.

Do your head job

The pleasure of oral sex isn’t exclusively meant for men alone, women enjoy it too. Even if it’s is not every woman that likes getting a head, some men feel it’s an abomination to go down on their women. Others find it irritating, yet almost all men like to get a blow job themselves forgetting that some women are as equally turned on and satisfied by oral sex as their male counterparts.

It can be a bit intimidating to orally pleasure a woman, especially for men who have never have never done it before, if she asks for it, just give it a try, handle her with your tongue like you are licking ice cream and before you know it you will become better at it, take it a notch higher by dipping a cube of ice block in your mouth as you go down, the feel of your cold tongue on her will definitely make her quiver. Let your woman understand that it is your first time and she should help guide you accordingly and be patient so you would perfect the technique in this most selfless of all acts.

Go beyond missionary and doggy positions

Although the missionary position allows for a variety of loving caresses and gazes during sex, both men and women may find their interest in sex peaked by the opportunity to explore new sexual positions.

You should not be afraid to take charge, suggest a variety of new positions to her and lead the way during the act itself. Don’t be sadistic about your sexual needs, once she’s not comfortable with your new introduction, don’t force her or insist.

Be open-minded about trying new sex positions

Tell her to bring on her A-game. Don’t allow your insecurity play out. Don’t try to insinuate anything bad especially when she does it very well, this will remove the possibility of any embarrassment or awkwardness during sex. It will also ensure that both of you feel unafraid to experiment during sex.

Talk a little more when at it

It has been reported that the arousal levels of men and women are peaked when their partner encourages them or praises them during sex.

You should experiment with a variety of small phrases and statements during sex to see if it helps her enjoy you more. Those words have a way of keeping you in her thought all day.

Stop trying too hard

Sex isn’t supposed to be a tedious affair, and there’s nothing more likely to turn off your partner than a visible display of extreme effort during sex. There’s nothing wrong with being vigorous and lively during sex, but don’t attempt anything that isn’t within the bounds of your own stamina levels. Not only will this likely result in excessive fatigue and an early termination of sexual activity, but it could also prove to be a huge turn off for your partner.

Don’t always rush off after sex

Don’t always rush off to clean up, face the other side to sleep or get dressed and go out of the house after sex. That’s very insensitive.

What you do before and after sex matters to women. It tells her how much she means to you. Pull her gently into your arms, even if you are tired and in need of sleep, make her feel the warmth of your embrace, gently stroke her hair and tell her ‘let’s sleep’.

Your woman may find your actions very insulting. You risk making her feel belittled by sending out a strong signal that you just got all you wanted.

Dressing up and leaving immediately after sex can make her feel like she has just been used for a purpose.

Don’t ever praise your lovemaking skills

If you really think that you are good in bed, allow your partner to compliment you. Don’t go on praising your own lovemaking skills. Rather, take a moment to praise your woman’s moves in the bed. It will give her a boost in levels of self confidence along with the desire to please you over and over again.

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