They want to k!ll mé” – Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson cries out (Video)

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has cried out about recent bad happenings in her life that have brought her wanton pain and anguish.

Her tears and online wailing come on the back of recent unauthorized education recorded on her bank account.

The mother of four vented her unhappiness in what appeared to be a funny post, adding that she wanted to bury her money in the dirt because her N50 was deducted.

She also issued a comedic plea to her admirers for help excavating the dirt with a shovel.

She stated:

“I say make I update una say dem don commot #50 naira from my acc again. Meaning say dem no send my papa as nor be him open bank for dem. Abeg who get shovel? Make I withdraw my balance put for hole”.“

I am going to dig a hole To bury my money AC bank wan kill me with deductions #50 naira now now again”.