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15-year-old boy and his friends caught while trying to lodge into a hotel with two underaged girls (video)

A video making rounds online shows the moment a 15-year-old boy was confronted by a concerned adult after trying to lodge into a hotel with two teenage girls.

15 year old confronted

The teenagers consisting of three boys and two girls, went to the hotel with the intention of booking a room when a man confronted and asked for their age.

The ring leader disclosed that he is 15-year-old. When asked if he wanted to book a room in the hotel, he affirmed but said the room is not “actually for him”.

15 year old confronted

The man proceeded to interrogate the underage girls but they seemed uncomfortable and walked away whilst hiding their faces from the camera.

Watch the video below.

This comes on the heels of the Chrisland school saga where a 10-year-old student was filmed “riding” her fellow student in an erotic manner.

The incident has stirred an uproar on social media as netizens call on parents to do a better job with raising their children.

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